Oh, lonely death on lonely life!
Oh, now I feel my topmost greatness lies in my topmost grief […].
Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale;
to the last I grapple with thee;
from hell’s heart I stab at thee;
for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.
(Melville, Moby Dick)

Vous êtes pleine de désespoir” is a reflection and a re-foundation exercise on the myth of the siren with the aim of proposing issues such as seduction, sacrifice and femininity in an elusive and complex way. The figure evoked here is very distant from the optimism of some attitudes or some images of contemporary society. It is a creature discarded, fallen, failed, an unrecognizable dark mass, fished out of all too domestic sea depths. It is an immobile, silent amphibian body, emanating a dull and obstinate despair, as if it were the invincible and sorrowful chant of a deity expired and yet still attractive, tame and full of mystery.

By and with Alessandro Bedosti, Alessandra De Santis, Attilio Nicoli Cristiani; stage design Adriana Renna; costumes Elena Rossi; accompanied by Cinzia Delorenzi, Antonella Oggiano, Filippo M. Ceredi; photographer Filippo M. Ceredi; artistic residency Olinda; produced by Teatro delle Moire; supported by NEXT/Regione Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo; thanks to Luca Scarlini for materials and suggestions on the siren figure.

Interested in investigating new forms of language, the Teatro delle Moire has participated in many milieus and experiences of creation and representation, so that its productions cannot be classi_ed in any speci_c category and can only be ascribed to research.
The shows staged by the company are characterized by a non-narrative approach focusing on the creation of images and _gures, presences that appear in a surprising way and are emancipated from the concept of interpretation. Another aspect that distinguishes the company is a taste for paradox and a surreal dimension.
Since 1999, in Milan the Teatro delle Moire has also handled the artistic direction of the Danae Festival.

Alessandro Bedosti is an actor, dancer and performer. In his artistic career, started in the early 90s, he has worked with many leading figures of Italian and European theatre research (Michele Abbondanza, Antonella Bertoni, Monica Francia, Paola Bianchi, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio). In the last few years, thanks to his intense studying experience with the butoh dancer Masaki Iwana, he has committed himself to the creation of short dance portraits both as author and as dancer (Senza titolo – 2009, Quando vedremo un tuo ballo? – 2010, Per favore aprite le tende – 2012, Das Spiel – 2014).