Bye Bye Baby

production 2009
Choreo-direction: Alessandra De Santis and Attilio Nicoli Cristiani
With: Alessandra De Santis, Giorgia Maretta, Attilio Nicoli Cristiani, Emanuele Sonzini

A boy looks at the world from his bedroom and lets the world look in. He chooses his soundtrack, identifies with posters and myths, and whispers dreams to life itself.
The show is a journey in images and its focal point is one of the places where individuals change: the bedroom. It is a space imbued with mystery and allure, the place where an identity is hatched, where we discover ourselves, our sexuality, our desires. It is a golden ship that crosses one tempest after another.
Starting with exaggerated concreteness, a teenager simply does things in his or her room – just like most of us have done – and experiences different moods.
As the spectacle gradually unfolds, these fantasies, desires and fears evoke objects and figures that materialize in the room and may have something to give back.