In our quest on how the sacred still speaks to us, both as human beings and artists, we came across the biographies of some female saints, who soon appeared to us as amazing theatrical mechanisms. They were women of great faith, who managed to live within reality but at the same time divorced from it, performing representations in order to experience their different vision.
In a place similar to a convent, three nuns re-experience the everyday life of mystics and saints of all times, either real or fictional, during ecstasy, possessions and musical raptures.


A project by and with Cinzia Delorenzi, Alessandra De Santis, Attilio Nicoli Cristiani
From a vision and collaboration with
Luca Scarlini
Light Adriana Renna
Costumes: Elena Rossi
Residenza artistica: LachesiLAB, Olinda
Production Teatro delle Moire
Coproduction I Teatri del Sacro, Next/Regione Lombardia, Fondazione Cariplo