”We feel that working on stage, reflecting on aesthetics and poetics, implies thinking about ethics and thus also politics.In this reflection we are using the body, understood as the crux of interpreting culture and conventions in their social and political significant and on the level of their subversive potential.We are convinced that the body is the element of the stage that can be the best vehicle for a critique of our era, and so through our work we seek reversals and stratifications of meaning, and the sabotage of clichés and short circuits.”

The TEATRO DELLE MOIRE is a cultural association that was founded by Alessandra De Santis and Attilio Nicoli Cristiani in 1997.

Interested in investigating new forms of language, the Teatro delle Moire has participated in many milieus and experiences of creation and representation, so that its productions cannot be classified in any specific category and can only be ascribed to research.

The shows staged by the company are characterized by a non-narrative approach focusing on the creation of images and figures, presences that appear in a surprising way and are emancipated from the concept of interpretation. Another aspect that distinguishes the company is a taste for paradox and a surreal dimension.

Starting in 2001, for several years the Teatro delle Moire has turned to research focusing on very popular figures from cartoons and comic books, followed by pop icons with an element of tragedy (Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson), used as a narrative trace, support and starting point to probe the contemporary world. SuperNaturalMinnie, Violently Snow White, Marilyn’s Bedroom, ClaraB and Elvis’ Stardust were produced during this period.

In addition to producing shows staged in theatres, over the years the Teatro delle Moire has been involved in creating and producing site-specific performances for urban and non-theatrical spaces.

Since 1999, in Milan the Teatro delle Moire has also handled the artistic direction and organization of the DANAE FESTIVAL, which supports contemporary creation projects exploring new languages. (

In 2008, in Milan it inaugurated LachesiLab, the company’s creative atelier and a space open to artistic residencies, workshops and seminars, where the company continues its educational activities, staging Corpo Scenico, a permanent workshop.

Between 2010 and 2012 it was one of the Lombard residences supported by the Être project of the Cariplo Foundation, during which it produced the “Trilogy on Childhood”, staging the shows Never Never Neverland, It’s Always Tea-time and PlayRoom, with the unprecedented collaboration of author Renato Gabrielli as a playwright.

In 2013 it changed course. Temporarily abandoning work mainly without a textual dimension and oriented towards creating images, the company produced an adventurous variety show intended as a response to the usual depressed and depressing situation of theatre circuits. This led to Varieté Panique, a breath of fresh air from the growing self-referential approach to research, in order to embrace a different audience – and for the sheer pleasure of having fun.

The company is currently seeking inspiration from the world of Edgar Allan Poe for a new production, a sort of “concert” composed of visions and sounds from the dark zone.